Values and vision



When setting up Panta Rhei Ltd., we formulated its values and vision. Every year we examine ourselves in light of these values. We are aware of the fact that values can create dilemmas in daily life and so we take the time to understand how to implement them in our day-to-day activities.


Values (and basic codes of behavior)


1. All our actions and activities will be geared towards generating a definite business advantage for the organization we are working with.

In investment: We will bear in mind that the main asset upon which we are building the organization’s growth is the people who head the organization and constitute its knowledge base and expertise. We will keep on a critical mass of key personnel who are professionals in their fields and have good communication skills.

In the innovation project: We will guide the innovation activities towards a definite business difference such as an increase in sales, attaining a competitive edge in marketing or technology, or enhancing the value of the company.

2. Integrity and ethics

We will deal with our partners and clients with integrity and respect. We will honor written agreements and our spoken word. We will obey and keep to the laws of the country we are working in.

Management ethics: In companies we own, we will balance out the wishes and interests of customers, shareholders (our investment partners), and employees. We will ensure that over time, the organization will be perceived by its employees as a quality place of work.

Consulting ethics: We will give advice to an organization and its managers that accurately reflect what we would do if we were in their place. In this sense, our consulting ethics will be uncompromising.

3. Client orientation

We will demonstrate caring for our clients and an orientation towards solving their problems. We will ensure an organizational structure that places the client at the center of our services and products and we will properly weigh the desires of the client in the marketing and development processes of the organization.

4. Actualization! Reaching results and profits that are significantly higher based on maintaining a competitive edge.

5. We are committed to instigating positive change in people. We are well aware that not everyone is open and ready to make changes, even if it is for the better, but we are committed to enable those wishing to change to do so effectively.

6. Leadership, innovation and creativity

We will encourage innovation and creativity as a means of business growth and turnaround.

Professional leadership: we will keep abreast of professional updates, create professional standards and develop innovative work methods. 


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